Undercurrents 10


Welcome to issue 10 of Undercurrents. Operations have been incredibly busy again this year and we are now only finding the time to compile all our press releases into this newsletter – our first for the year! In this issue we highlight some of these projects keeping us busy, introduce a new staff member for our South African company and detail some exciting developments for our Australian company.

Much of the information contained here is available on our recently upgraded website (the response to which has been very positive) and we encourage you to check www.metoceanservices.com regularly for updates. You may also notice that as part of our upgraded marketing material we are sporting a new modern logo (details below) and a new format for this newsletter.

MSI Awarded 2nd Long Term Measurement Contract Offshore Norway Within a Year

Mooring c/w acoustic release and anchor weight being deployed Mooring Locations

Metocean Services International (MSI) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a 1 year current measurement programme for 9 locations in the far north of Norway (our 2nd long term contract to be awarded in Norway within a year).

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) has initiated this study to increase their understanding and knowledge on metocean data in the Lofoten – Vesterålen area in Nordland county. The observations will also be given to support the Mareano programme. Some rigs with current profilers are already in place in the area and OLF is extending the current programmes with additional moorings.

For this programme MSI deployed 9 separate moorings, each fitted with a current profiler (frequency depending on water depth) and CTD logger. The project will be operated from Sandnessjoen.

Positions have been designated according to the least conflict with fisheries (tracking system) and have been published in Notices to Mariners, with informations given to the Norwegian Fishermen`s Association, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and to the Coast Guard.

The measurement programme is planned to last for 1 year, with servicing of the mooring scheduled for every 3 months. During the servicing, all moorings will be recovered onboard, data downloaded, new batteries fitted and all mooring components replaced prior to redeployment.

New Logo

Regular readers will notice our new logo featured in this issue of Undercurrents. This forms part of a rebranding exercise which is already visible on our website and will be rolled out in all our new marketing material.

We feel this newer and fresher logo is a good reflection of our young and dynamic company. Although “recalibration” of our old buoy was an option, after 6 years in service and in keeping with our philosophy of always using state of the art equipment we decided a completely new look was warranted!

Royal Australian Navy – Successful Trial of RBR Tide Gauges



The Royal Australian Navy recently purchased a number of different RBR Tide Gauges to trial in their equipment pool. These were the TGR-1050P, a single channel tide gauge, and the TWR-2050P which is the tide and wave gauge.


The idea of the trial was to run them in parallel to their existing (and ageing) tide gauges as a direct comparison. The trials were so successful that the Navy have already purchased a further 10 gauges to add to their operational pool based in Cairns. MSI have now been issued with a NCAGE code and the Navy is in the process of coding the gauges into their Defence Stores Inventory for sustainment purposes.

The Navy’s hydrographic website, www.hydro.gov.au, details the recent purchase as follows: “The Australian Hydrographic Service has recently purchased the RBR TGR1050P tide gauge. This tide gauge has been trialed and will be brought into service to compliment the S4 tide gauges. These tide gauges are considerably less cumbersome, easier to program and download”.

As well as the self contained submersible tide gauges, RBR build various vented gauges to suit harbor, platform and even remote shore installations. Please feel free to contact MSI for more details.

Update on Measurement Programme in Uganda

Since April 2007 MSI has been collecting tide, wave, current and meteorological data for Tullow Oil in Lake Albert, Uganda. This data is being used to determine the design basis for drilling operations and a recent modeling exercise recommended the installation of additional measurement systems.

To this effect, MSI will provide and install 1 tide and 3 wave & tide measurement systems in the lake to supplement the Nortek acoustic wave and current gauge (AWAC) already deployed. Each new system will be fitted with a satellite tracking beacon and acoustic release system for recovery.

In addition, the Nortek AWAC is being fitted with a set of Benthos acoustic modems, which will allow local Tullow personnel to download particular data strings at more frequent intervals than the standard servicing schedule – this will show whether the unit is still upright (3rd party fishing activity has already resulted in some data loss) and operating correctly.

MSI Appointed Exclusive Australian Agent for AXYS Technologies Inc.

MSI is proud to announce that, on the 1July 2009, AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) appointed MSI as its exclusive representative for marine environmental monitoring systems in Australia.

Monitoring the global marine environment is becoming an increasingly important activity and AXYS supports this effort through the design, manufacture, distribution and maintenance of remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems.

AXYS buoys are deployed globally in a wide range of applications. These include Operational Marine Meteorology (Canada, Korea, Brazil, India, Italy), Research Marine Meteorology (Canada, USA), Hydro-meteorological programs (Canada, Egypt), America's Cup Yacht Racing (New Zealand), Port and Harbour Operations (Israel, Canada, Morocco, Spain), Security (USA, Chile, Brazil), and Coastal Erosion Programs (Canada, USA).

AXYS' Matt Robson, responsible for marine systems business development in Asia, South America and the Pacific, stated "our partnership with MSI will offer enhanced support to the growing number of Australian organisations that rely on the accurate, real-time data that AXYS systems deliver."

MSI’s Stefan Stimson added "the need to better understand Australia's marine environment has never been greater. We're delighted to represent AXYS and continue to build on the relationships they have with leading Australian organisations such as the Port of Melbourne, Defense Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), Carnegie Corporation and Oceanlinx. We believe, as users of AXYS instrumentation around the world ourselves, that we are well qualified to not only represent AXYS for sales, but to also fully support the end user here in Australia."

MSI Supports Local Sailing Team

MSI is proud to announce that since our last edition of Undercurrents, it has sponsored the Tasmanian State Sabot team that attended the Australian National Championships at Airlie Beach, Queensland. The sailors, ranged in ages from 10 to 15, qualified to represent their state by sailing consistently at 4 qualifying regattas held around Tasmania. This was followed by significant training on and off the water to prepare them for the stiff competition from their fellow top junior sailors from all over Australia. Given the location in tropical northern Queensland, the sailors were forced to wear ‘stinger’ suits as protection against the deadly jelly fish found in that region”.

Apart from the pressures of the current economic climate, the remoteness of the location (1100km north of Brisbane and approx 3,000km from Tasmania!) meant that the team was facing a 400% increase in transport costs for the boats alone. MSI’s sponsorship not only reduced the overall cost to each family attending, it also allowed the team numbers to be increased by 25% opening up the experience to even more young sailors.

MSI is pleased to be able to support this team and to give something back to the local community. We considered this cause to be particularly worthy as not only was it associated with the marine environment, but it gave us the opportunity to support young sailors that had worked so hard to achieve their own personal goals and to be considered amongst the top Sabot sailors in Australia - an achievement in itself.

And you never know, maybe we have supported amongst others, a future Olympic champion?

MSI Enjoys A Successful Australasian Oil and Gas 2009

MSI recently exhibited at the Australasian Oil & Gas exhibition and conference at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (17-19 February 2009). AOG is the premier oil & gas industry exhibition in Australia and it has run for over a quarter of a century - this year’s show was billed as the largest oil and gas expo ever held in the Southern Hemisphere and attendance figures reached 7,700 over the 3 days.

Exhibiting alongside a number of other Tasmanian companies, the MSI stand attracted significant interest from Australasian based companies, representing Oil and Gas majors as well as contractors and scientific organisations. This provided a great opportunity to introduce MSI properly to the local Australian O&G market. Since the company’s formation 5 years ago, we have already gained vast experience in 23 countries, have worked extensively within the SE Asia region and worked with Australian based companies with their overseas interests. The interest shown at AOG has already materialised in MSI being invited to prequalify for a number of major clients in Australia and to submit proposals to a number of others.

As well as showcasing and discussing the Metocean services that MSI provide, a great deal of interest was shown in the instrumentation that was on display from RBR Ltd of Canada. RBR Ltd, for whom MSI are the exclusive Australian agents, is a global leader in the oceanographic instrumentation industry, providing competitive and innovative products to scientists, government agencies, military, universities, and individuals.

There was significant interest in the range of Tide and Wave recorders that RBR build as well as the CTD and DO (Dissolved Oxygen) sensors on display. Before the end of the 3 days show, MSI received an order for 10 of the Tide Gauge recorders (TGR1050-P) from a client in Brisbane and has since been busy submitting proposals and answering clarifications on the entire range of loggers.

MSI was also joined on the stand by Sobri Syawie, the Managing Director of Pageo Utama, our local partners in Indonesia. This was a great opportunity to discuss a number of existing opportunities in Indonesia as well as identifying other opportunities and projects within the region.

MSI has already seen significant benefits from its attendance at AOG'09 and we consider our attendance a major success and look forward to the relationships formed at the expo continuing to build and mature in the coming months. 

Introducing Cassidy Bloch Who Joins the Team at MSI

MSI is pleased to announce the appointment of Cassidy Bloch as Data Processor. Cassidy studied at the University of Cape Town where she gained an Honours degree in Oceanography and a BSc degree in Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. She joins us with experience with CTDs, XBTs and water sampling, as well as with a background of research projects and computer modelling.

Cassidy joins MSI to replace Candice Hall who, sadly for MSI, recently emigrated to the USA . We believe, however, that Cassidy is an ideal replacement and a welcome addition to our energetic and dynamic team. In addition to her marine qualifications, Cassidy holds a private helicopters licence.

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