BioSonics in Australia

Biosonics have been designing and manufacturing scientific echosounders for almost 40 years. Based in Seattle, Washington, BioSonics pioneered the application of hydroacoustic technology to monitor biological resources, and can now offer solutions for monitoring both biological and physical features in virtually any aquatic environment worldwide.

BioSonics hardware, software and accessories are field proven, versatile, and optimised for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation. Their products include:

DT-X Portable Echosounder

The DT-X is the choice of leading fisheries scientists worldwide for stock assessment, biomass estimates, and habitat mapping. DT-X digital transducers are available in a range of frequencies and beam patterns in split beam or single beam. The DT-X supports up to 4 transducers for simultaneous data collection from a variety of frequencies and transducer orientations.

DT-X SUB Echosounder

The DT-X SUB is a completely autonomous self-contained echosounder solution for deployments where cabling to the surface may be impractical. Packaged in a pressure-rated housing, DT-X SUB can be deployed on an AUV, ROV, or seafloor observatory platform. Ideal for longterm studies.

MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

A portable, lightweight, single-beam echosounder, perfect for collecting data on submersed plants, bathymetry and substrate composition.
The MX echosounder system is compact, ruggedized yet lightweight, and includes integrated DGPS so all of your data is automatically geo-referenced.

DT-X AMS Automated Monitoring Systems

BioSonics AMS - Nuclear Intake Monitoring

BioSonics offers unique and innovative solutions to monitor fish passage and assess behavioral impacts on aquatic animals including marine mammals, fish, and diving birds. BioSonics sonar systems are often installed in fixed-position deployments to observe the underwater environment over a period of weeks, months or even years at a time. Such long-term observations are essential in monitoring changes in the behavior and for assessing fluctuations in the abundance of aquatic animals.

Applications for this technology include water intakes, marine and hydrokinetic turbine installations, spillways, screens, and fish bypass structures where concerns are raised about the impacts of operations on aquatic species.

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