MSI Awarded Long Term Deepwater Current Measurement Contract Offshore UK

MSI is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded a minimum 12 month current measurement programme by Chevron North Sea Ltd for a location in the Rosebank Field, West of Shetlands. Chevron required through column current measurements to be acquired to support their planning, engineering design, construction and installation of potential future production facilities for Rosebank.

The measurement location is in 1,100m water depth and requires measurements not only throughout the entire water column, but also within 20m of the sea surface and within 10m of the seabed. MSI therefore designed a single 900m mooring comprising a combination of TRDI 75kHz Longranger ADCP, several Nortek Aquadopp single point current meters and an RBR water level recorder.

The project was mobilized in Aberdeen in January, with the mooring being deployed during a small weather window identified through weather forecasts received from Aerospace and Marine International, one of MSI’s collaborative partners.

The mooring was deployed from the vessel MV Sea Tiger and went smoothly, with all operations being conducted to MSI’s usual high QHSE standards. The first servicing of the mooring is scheduled for May 2010.

Speaking on behalf of MSI, Sidney Bilski explained “We are very pleased to be awarded this contract as this is our first with Chevron North Sea Ltd and, although we already work in the North Sea, this is the first time we have mobilised out of Aberdeen. We have successfully conducted projects in 27 countries since our inception and this yet again proves that we remain competitive regardless of where the work is located”

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