EdgeTech in Australia

EdgeTechEdgeTech is a leading manufacturer of underwater technology solutions. The company is known worldwide for its high quality products which include: side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems, AUV and ROV-based sonar systems, combined and customized solutions. In addition to the full line of underwater survey products, EdgeTech provides reliable USBL systems, transponder beacons, deep sea acoustic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic releases, MRUs and customized underwater acoustic command and control systems.

MSI has worked frequently with EdgeTech and has a large number of their products in its own equipment pool.

Shallow Water Acoustic Releases

SPORT MFE Push Off Release TransponderSPORT LF Push Off Release Transponder

SPORT MFE Push Off Release Transponder

SPORT LF Push Off Release Transponder

PORT Strong Back Release Transponder

Model AA100 Acoustic Actuator

CAT Coastal Acoustic Transponder

SPORT Pop-Up Recovery System

Deep Water Acoustic Releases

PORT MFE Push Off Release Transponder

PORT LF Push Off Release Transponder

Model BRT6000 Burn Wire Activator

Model 8242XS Acoustic Release Transponder

Deck Units

Model 8011M Acoustic Transceiver

PACS Portable Acoustic Command System

EdgeTech Acoustic Release Overview

Other EdgeTech Products

  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Sub-bottom Profiler
  • Bathymetry
  • Combined Sensors
  • AUV / ROV Sonar
  • USBL Nav., Positioning, MRU

EdgeTech Sonar Products Overview    EdgeTech USBL Products Overview

Choosing the Correct Acoustic Release

Full details of the complete range of products and services available from EdgeTech can be obtained from www.edgetech.com

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