MSI Contract In Uganda Extended

Metocean Services International (MSI) is pleased to announce that it’s contract with Tullow Oil in Uganda has been extended for another year.

In April 2007 MSI supplied and installed a Nortek acoustic wave and current gauge (AWAC) for current, water level and wave measurements in Lake Albert, as well as a Campbell Scientific weather station. The data was used as part of input into initial engineering design for development of oil reserves. Later that year an additional weather station was added, with engineering design being updated on a regular basis by RLH Consulting Engineers.

In mid 2009 the Nortek AWAC was upgraded by fitting it with an internal wave processor and pair of Benthos acoustic modems, so that local Tullow staff could check that it was still on location and recording data correctly. Around the same time, 2 additional weather stations were installed by the client.

 RBR Tide Gauge Ready for Deployment c/w Acoustic Pop-Up Buoy

AWAC in Frame Ready for Deployment 

In late 2009 the measurement programme was expanded to include the deployment of 3 RBR tide and wave recorders, as well as an RBR tide gauge. The ongoing contract requires MSI to manage the entire metocean data collection programme, including regular recovery of the equipment, servicing, redeployment, data processing and provision of all required spares and consumables. This is achieved through regular visits to Lake Albert by our engineers, with data processing and reporting conducted by our office in Cape Town. Data is also provided in export format to RLH Consulting Engineers for update of the engineering design conditions.

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